Audiences are respectful, artists are grateful, and memories are made every night.

Lou Papineau, Managing Editor Providence Phoenix
Narrows Center - Winner Best Folk Venue 2013

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Julian Lage / Chris Eldridge Review (10/11 performance)

Before getting too far into a phenomenal fall lineup of inter/and/national musical talent, if you missed Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge you missed talent that is deep and honest. One omnidirectional mike and a couple of old Martins and one singularly rich voice gave a form of jazzAmericana/bluejazz/dawg music a pure and crisp delivery that demonstrates how simple, unaffected music can be a powerful and occasionally spiritual force. While steeped in American Bluegrass, Julian and Critter are adventurous and talented enough to claim as their own old standards: one of the prettiest affecting versions of “Someone to Watch Over Me” you’ll ever hear. Song structures occasionally gave way to unexpected and rich improvisations that reminds us how a simple wood box with six strings (two of them in this case) can sometimes connect best with the muse.

Nikki Hill Review (9/25 performance)

Once again the Narrows showcased a little known, hot young band that we will all be hearing more from soon. Nikki Hill and her band played high energy rock-n-roll, drawing from a full garden of R&B roots: Etta James meets AC/DC, delivered with a Jerry Lee Lewis drive. Though from North Carolina, guitarist Matt Hill sounds more Duane Eddy than Duane Allman influenced as his guitar rang out a clean, largely unaffected Telly sound with power and sweetness. Ed Strohsahl on bass (is that Paul Simonon?) and Joe Myer on drums, provided all the extra rhythm and fill  needed for a raw and energetic night of unadorned R&B, led by Nikki Hill’s sweet and sassy vocals. They are on their way. Catch them soon.

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Opening Act: Connor Kennedy

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