The Alphabet by Carol Way Wood

NOVEMBER 4, 2017 - DECEMBER 31, 2017
Carol Way Wood

In 2008, I created the letters of the alphabet for an exhibition on Martha’s Vineyard. I use graphite pencil and watercolors and paint in a sensitive whimsical style.  With the exception of the California Quail I used birds, animals and plants that exist in my environment and have special meaning for me.

It seemed natural to turn the images into a book. After a few iterations, the help of a great book designer A. Michelle, and a successful KickStarter project the book came out as “A Fine Book of Letters.” The book has been very successful and is now available here and on

I am offering small limited edition prints of the letters. In some cases I have had requests for new versions of the letters (a masculine version and a feminine version) and those are available here as well. The letters can also be ordered with personalization, for example: a child’s name and date of birth can be added at the bottom.