Fall River Portraits - 2015
Photographs by students from B.M.C. Durfee High School, Resiliency Preparatory School, UMass Dartmouth, and Senior Champion volunteers with the Healthy Cities Initiative document the people, culture, and neighborhoods of Fall River. A sequel to last year's well-received Fall River Portraits... (MORE)
JUNE 1, 2015 - JULY 2, 2015

Reception: JUNE 6, 2015 at 1433595600

A Celebration of Creativity
The Narrows Center is pleased to present an exhibition of artwork created by People Incorporated consumers who are attending weekly workshops at the Narrows under the tutelage of studio artist, Tony Henriques. We celebrate the participants learned skills in creative... (MORE)
JUNE 2, 2015 - JUNE 30, 2015

Reception: JUNE 11, 2015 at 1434020400

Bound and Unbound:
Book Portraits and Abstractions by Roger Kizik

Book 'portraits' and abstractions, the exhibition features these contrasting poles of work by Roger Kizik. The books depicted - somewhat coveted and personal to me ' are a sporadic series, now ongoing for about 15 years, and a good 'read'... (MORE)
APRIL 8, 2015 - MAY 22, 2015

Reception: APRIL 18, 2015 at 1429362000

The Many Faces of George Clinton
George Clinton began his musical career in N.J. where his obsession with Doo Wop and R&B lead to a Barbershop Quartet, literally, as Clinton and his friends also styled hair in the local shop. How George Clinton went from barber... (MORE)
APRIL 10, 2015 - MAY 16, 2015

Pouring Arts Invitational 2015
The Pouring vessel's many guises- teapots, ewers, pitchers, creamers- inspired by the fluids they dispense, will be on view by 20 potters recognized for their ongoing exploration of these forms. In conjunction with NCECA's (National Council on Education for the... (MORE)
MARCH 1, 2015 - MARCH 27, 2015

Reception: MARCH 25, 2015 at 1427277600

Lyrical Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions inspire change and growth. The Narrows Gallery presents an experimental exhibition, one that will change and grow during the weeks it is on view. 'Lyrical Resolutions' applauds song lyrics that resonate and inspire. The exhibition is an... (MORE)
JANUARY 10, 2015 - FEBRUARY 17, 2015

Reception: JUNE 19, 2018 at -62169984000

Recipe for a Better World
In December of 2014, the Moses Brown School 4th grade class read and wrote poetry during their Language Arts classes. Prompted to imagine the world they would some day inherit, each student brainstormed 'ingredients' for making their future a better... (MORE)
JANUARY 10, 2015 - FEBRUARY 17, 2015

Reception: JUNE 19, 2018 at -62169984000

Damn The Torpedoes:
Third Annual Poster Exhibition

Ghost-Town www.ghost-town.net Ghost-Town is the studio of artist and designer Pete Cardoso. He focuses on design and screen printed posters and has run Ghost-Town Studios for well over a decade. Working tirelessly on the craft of screen printing by hand... (MORE)
SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 - OCTOBER 25, 2014

Reception: JUNE 19, 2018 at -62169984000

The Sculpture and Photographs of Sedneser Seeds
Joe Resendes is a self-taught sculptor who creates for the sheer joy of creating. He began carving baskets out of peach pits at the young age of seven. He later began carving faces on peach pits when he one day... (MORE)
SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 - OCTOBER 18, 2014

Reception: OCTOBER 4, 2014 at 1412424000


MODERN SPIN: CONtemporary TEXTiles in an Historic Mill November 7 ' December 27, 2014 CLICK HERE FOR PROSPECTUS AND ENTRY FORM ***CALL FOR ARTISTS*** ENTRY DEADLINE DATE: SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 Postcard Larger View The Narrows Center is excited to present... (MORE)
JULY 15, 2014 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

Reception: JUNE 19, 2018 at -62169984000