Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles

There’s nothing better than getting down with one of the best high-energy, cow-punk groups in the country a few days after Turkey Day! If you haven’t seen Sarah, don’t miss this visit. She’s had one of the hottest records on the Americana circuit these days.

Elana James

This show is a lock! Guaranteed to warm up a January evening. Violinist Elana was in the fabled string jazz group ‘Hot Club for Cowtown’ that played the Narrows and toured with Dylan. Is it folk? Is it jazz? Is it Western Swing? The answer is: yes, all those and more.

Northern Lights

If you’ve followed the bluegrass scene over the past 30 years, you’ve heard of this group, which has received widespread recognition across the nation–even recording with Alison Krauss and Peter Rowan!

Judith Owen

British folk-rock guru Richard Thompson was so impressed by this Welsh folk-jazz chanteuse and songwriter that he invited her to perform on his tour, ‘1000 Years of Popular Music.’ She’s gotten rave reviews from the New York Times, the Boston Globe and others, and has performed on The Today Show. And she’s married to funny guy Harry Shearer, with whom she’s performed as well.

Island Incanting

Jeff Carpenter will be showing paintings from his series ‘Island Incanting’ which are based on double-exposures. The idea is to take two different, but related, landscape images, one an interior view out the window, and one outside, and combine them in a way that mimics photographic double-exposure. The relationship between the two points of view implies a narrative. One where you are seemingly ‘inside’ the outdoors. It’s a particular sense of place that comes from remembering a great place you spent time inhabiting. If you daydream a memory of a wonderful day it’s rarely just one snapshot, it’s many images – the full panorama, the light in her eyes, the wind in the leaves – all layered one on top of each other. To summon them is like peeling through the layers of an onion. The real pleasure in conjuring up the memory is not so much in any one part as it is in sifting through the layers. This work is concerned with that effect, to combine images in a way that evokes the subconscious process. Sometimes it’s a simple combination of images, or sometimes it’s a superimposition of images such as pentimento ‘ the faint traces of a map or poetry ghosting through the image. In practice, it sets the mind to switching from one image to the next, back and forth; a mental flickering that is slightly beyond our control, that makes us the projector in a movie.