Shelby Lynne

She posses one of the most emotional and soulful voice’s on the planet. She has a great new record Tears, Lies and Alibis that has been generating great reviews. Shelby played one of the best shows of 2008 at the Narrows, we expect more of the same this time

(Narrows Gallery)

Look around: our world just doesn’t make sense much of the time. Although we strive for order, rules are constantly broken and systems fail. Despite the fact that we constantly crave and purchase the latest shiny new gadgets, everything eventually breaks down and gets tossed in favor of the next hottest thing. Even human beings in this culture are disposable: those who are sick, elderly, or different are pushed to the sidelines.

Whether appropriating things that are broken or dejected, examining systems that have failed or are out of kilter, or celebrating that which is off-center or misaligned, each of the artists in this exhibition explores the concept of ‘Out of Order’ from a unique perspective. Rather than thinking about ‘Out of Order’ as a sign of something not working, instead these six Massachusetts artists embrace the asymmetrical, the worn-out, and the sidelined and offer alternative perspectives on our complex world.

Curated by Michele L’Heureux

Deke Dickerson

Deke Dickerson has toured the world and established himself as one of the foremost purveyors of roots music, headlining festivals from Las Vegas to Finland. He expertly draws from virtually every 20th-century roots genre: country, rhythm and blues, western swing, rockabilly, surf instrumentals, ghostly ballads, and pedal-to-the medal rock ‘n’ roll. His latest studio album is King of the Whole Wide World. Deke is also a writer and a music historian. He has a regular column in Guitar Player magazine and recently authored two enormous essays for Bear Family’s Merle Haggard box sets. He partnered with Hallmark Guitars to produce the Deke Dickerson model guitar. His music has been featured in a variety of movies, TV shows, and radio programs, from the Oscar-winning movie Sideways to Johnny Knoxville’s The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia to the hugely popular Sirius XM satellite radio show Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan.

Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys

Brimming with coy sensuality, Rosie’s music is fresh and daring while still retaining its links to its bayou Creole heritage. Rosie has a rare combination of talent, not only in the zydeco world, but in any musical genre. She can write top-notch award winning songs, hang with the best of them on her instrument, and can sing circles around her peers. Rosie is among the few zydeco artists who still sing and write some of their own material in Creole French.

James Cotton Band

He played one of the hottest shows at the Narrows in 2008. Five WC Handy Blues Awards and a Grammy. He’s in the Blues Hall of Fame. He’s SuperHarp!!!