Deke Dickerson

Deke Dickerson is one of America’s musical treasures. As an entertainer and musician, he has toured the world and established himself as one of the foremost purveyors of roots music, headlining festivals from Las Vegas to Finland. As a writer and music historian, he is well known for his regular column in Guitar Player magazine and recently authored two enormous essay projects for Bear Family’s 2007 Merle Haggard box sets. As an entrepreneur, Deke has partnered with Hallmark Guitars to produce the Deke Dickerson model guitar, as unique in its design as its namesake. As a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker, Deke has recorded songs that have been featured in a variety of movies, TV shows, and radio programs, from the Oscar-winning movie Sideways to HBO’s documentary Dirty Driving: Thundercars of Indiana and the hugely popular XM satellite radio show Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan. For this last, Deke not only contributed background guitar music but was also interviewed and quoted by Bob Dylan.

the Mericans, Allysen Callery, and Tig and Bean

the ‘Mericans are an Experimental Americana Roots Rock Band from Rhode Island led by Chris Daltry (formerly of Purple Ivy Shadows) who have just released their 3rd album So Late It Hurts. the ‘Mericans are also celebrating their 10th Anniversary as a band. Here’s what the Boston Globe said about their latest release. ‘Singer-songwriter Chris Daltry of Providence has been making darkly majestic, slowcore-tinged music since the early ’90s, when he led his first band, Purple Ivy Shadows, down lantern-lit paths of dream-pop wonder and soft psych parades that marched (and, sadly, vanished) into the mists of a new millennium. Thankfully, for those of us who like a little moodiness mixed with our melodies (think Pernice Brothers, Grandaddy, Varnaline), and guitars that tend to shimmer rather than shred, Daltry’s post-Purple endeavor picks up the baton the Shadows dropped somewhere around 2001. The ‘Mericans’ third album is a thing of beauty and reckoning, with an aching undertow and a thematic core that sounds restlessly political ‘ the opener, ‘When a Peaceful Bird Can’t Hear Her Own Song,” is a sorrowful stunner ‘ but whose sense of intimacy always feels intensely personal. The saturnine sparkle of ‘Language of America” particularly catches the ear, but throughout, Daltry’s just-this-side-of-craggy, Tweedy-esque demeanor gives these otherwise burnished songs a coat of rustic immediacy. So late it hurts? For Auto-tuned musical fashions of the moment, maybe. But for those who like following darker yet illuminating paths, the ‘Mericans are right on time.’ Allysen Callery is an Alternative Folk artist in the New Folk movement (also called ‘Freak Folk’ and New Weird America). In May 2011, Allysen embarked on her first European Tour, playing multiple dates in Germany & Switzerland, in support of her EP Winter Island, which was released by Berlin based Woodland Recordings. Folk goddess Marissa Nadler wrote of Winter Island : ‘Allysen Callery crafts a fantastic, delicate, and magical world to live in through her songs. Her writing is influenced by many years spent as a poet in and around the ocean towns of Rhode Island. Winter Island is gorgeous and blissed out.’ Allysen has been nominated for Best Female Vocals 2009, 2010 & 2011 by RI’s premier Arts magazine, The Providence Phoenix. Tig & Bean are and up-and-coming Providence Indie-Folk group who play music that has been described as Dirty Pretty Folk Blues. Tig & Bean are Lily Costner, Eric D., and Caroline Hecht. The group officially formed at the start of 2011 and have generated lots of interest from their local shows, including appearances at recent Providence and Boston Tom Waits benefit tribute concerts.

Travelling through China: The photographs of Chris Jerome

Artist Statement:
The ability to capture a moment and have it forever amazes me, knowing that moment will never happen again and I have it.
As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed looking at and shooting photos. I have always been a visual person and being able to hold a photo is incredible. Every time I snap a photo I am striving for the ultimate photo.
When I am working on a project, such as these travel photos, I look for the wonder that would have lasting power and capture it forever. China offers that and more, it has such mystery in every photo. China has history and culture and the magic is capturing it. This series of photographs came about because of the love of experiencing new sights and places. Photography is a great form of art for change, to be able to go in a different direction while holding onto the same vision. These photographs took me in a different direction and gave me a great challenge. I like angles and reflections and you will find this throughout this body of work. I want to bring to you some of the mystery and magic that is China.