Memory Forest

My work is inspired by explorations of memory and storytelling. With this installation, I have created an imagined place; a place one enters. Endowing ordinary objects’buttons and thread’with specific meaning within an installation space creates a physical world of memories for the viewer. In this space, my personal experience with Alzheimer’s disease, current statistical data for Alzheimer’s, and the science of the brain as effected by the disease, are entwined to create a forest of buttons. The Memory Forest strives to visually represent and present the enormity of the disease and promote awareness of the fragility of memories.

Duende The Art of Anthony Quinn

Best known for his roles in more than 160 films, television programs, and theater productions’earning him two Academy Awards and six nominations’Anthony Quinn was also a writer and visual artist who spent the last five years of his life in nearby Bristol, Rhode Island. He wrote two autobiographies and produced thousands of works of art’paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture’in a wide range of media, from pencil and oil paint to marble and wood.

Katherine Quinn, Anthony’s wife and studio assistant for 17 years before he passed away in 2001, recognized his insatiable desire to create, his internal fire, as duende. Duende is a term frequently used in the Spanish arts that Frederico Garc??a Lorca refers to as ‘a momentary burst of inspiration, the blush of all that is truly alive, all that the performer is creating in a certain moment.’1 Guided by duende, Quinn’s endless pursuit of creative truth’of those magical, haunting moments of inspiration’led him to use his entire body, mind, and spirit to make beautiful objects and deliver award-winning performances.

With more than 90 objects, this exhibition for the Narrows Center for the Arts will showcase a small slice of Quinn’s enormous body of artwork and is designed to highlight his creative process. It will include small sketches, drawings, paintings, and sculptures, as well as photographs of the artist at work and artifacts from his studio, including his work benches, tools, library resources, sketchbooks, and more.

The Arbella Insurance Foundation is the Presenting Sponsor of Duende: The Art of Anthony Quinn. Arbella Insurance Group, a Massachusetts auto, home, and business insurance company, founded the Arbella Insurance Foundation in 2004. The mission of the Foundation is to engage in activities and to support not-for-profit organizations that have a significant positive impact on the people and communities served by Arbella. ‘We’re pleased to sponsor this very special exhibit,’ said John Donohue, chairman and president of Arbella’s Foundation. ‘Arbella is a local company, committed to New England. Anthony Quinn spent the last years of his life in Rhode Island, and like us, he appreciated the region’s beauty and unique attributes. We’re proud to help the Narrows Center for the Arts showcase the varied talents of this local legend.’

‘Duende’ is curated by Michele L’Heureux, who has exhibited her own work and has curated numerous exhibitions at the Narrows Gallery. L’Heureux is the Gallery Director at Wheaton College and also the Curator and Director of the Arts at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University. She has curated numerous group and solo exhibitions at Wheaton, Brandeis and other arts venues in New England. Her work can be viewed at

This exhibition is made possible by the generous support of lead sponsor Arbella Insurance Foundation and additional support from Hadley Insurit Group and BankFive.

Duende: The Art of Anthony Quinnis on view through December 29. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, November 8 from 7-9 p.m. where Anthony Quinn’s two Academy Awards and his Golden Globe award will also be on view. The gallery is open Wednesday’Saturday from 12-5 p.m. and by appointment. Admission to the gallery is free. Concert ticket-holders are also welcome to view the work on performance night.

About the Anthony Quinn Foundation The Anthony Quinn Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation advancing the belief that art, in all its forms, is inseparable and essential to learning and the enrichment of the mind. The purpose of Anthony Quinn Foundation is to promote, pay tribute to and share Anthony Quinn’s creative legacy as a means to inspire people to constantly challenge their artistic spirit and build confidence in their creative potential. The Foundation provides scholarship support to gifted young adults seeking to advance their artistic talents in the fields of Visual Arts & Design, Performing Arts, Media Arts, and Literary Arts. To learn more about the Anthony Quinn Foundation visit

About the Arbella Insurance Group and the Arbella Insurance Foundation Established in 1988, the Arbella Insurance Group ( is a company with over $600M in revenue with approximately $1B in assets, headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts. Arbella is a customer-focused regional property and casualty insurance company, providing personal and business insurance in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and business insurance in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Arbella Insurance Group founded the Arbella Insurance Foundation in 2004. The mission of Arbella’s Foundation is to engage in activities and to support not-for-profit organizations that have a significant positive impact on the people and communities served by Arbella.

John Lennon Re-Imagined by The Nutopians

The Nutopians is a unique and compelling 8-piece ensemble that celebrates the genius and artistry of John Lennon, one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Created and led by Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-Step and Tom Dean of Devonsquare, the ensemble gives remarkably fresh treatments to Lennon’s best and least known Beatles and solo songs that often inspire a whole new appreciation for John’s music. The band’s live show features entertaining storytelling, and like their CD Imagined, superb lead singing and 3-part harmonies, plus a host of talented musicians on acoustic, electric and bass guitars, cello, violin, mandolin, accordion, chromatic harmonica and light percussion. In a series of singles and mini-medleys, the band’s arrangements frequently involve weaving melody, lyric and song together in new and unexpected ways.

John Waite

Considered one of the most uniquely identifiable voices in rock-n-roll, John Waite found success three times in his career as lead vocalist for The Babys (‘Isn’t It Time’) and Bad English (‘When I See You Smile’), as well as a solo career that has produced numerous Billboard Top 40 hits including the #1 smash ‘Missing You.’ Known for his stellar live shows, Waite will be performing all his classic hits and fan favorites with a full electric band.


Freakwater was formed by Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin in 1989 and has been innovating and reinvigorating alt-country ever since. Following two records on Amoeba Records, the duo signed to Thrill Jockey in 1993 for the seminal Feels Like the Third Time, which was reissued on vinyl for Record Store Day 2012. The record opens with ‘My Old Drunk Friend,’ perhaps the greatest song Hank Williams never wrote and features seven originals and five covers of songs by the likes of Conway Twitty, Woody Guthrie and Nick Lowe. 1995’s Old Paint showed the group’s songwriting coming into its own, and was their most critically acclaimed album to date. 1998’s Springtime saw the addition of Wilco’s Max Konrad Johnston to the group, and features some of the band’s most heartbreaking and beautiful songs, including the now classic ‘Louisville Lip.’ The group expanded their sound on End Time, adding drum kit, organ, and even strings on several songs. The early aughts saw Bean and Irwin each releasing solo albums, Dragging Wonder Lake and Cut Yourself a Switch respectively. Both records showed each musician exploring different facets of the sound cultivated in Freakwater: Irwin a stripped down, appalacian vision of folk music, and Bean an artfully crafted, cosmopolitan type of pop. In 2005 the group released Thinking of You, a collaboration with members of fellow Thrill Jockey group Califone. After a long silence, Irwin finally released her second solo release, Little Heater in September of 2012, which Oxford American said, ‘will leave you aching for a broken heart so you too can sing wrenching songs about love and loss.’ Freakwater will be embarking on a tour January 2013, their first in four years.

Chris Smither

Back in the old days,’ muses resilient troubadour Chris Smither, ‘writing new songs and making new albums were just chores. My priority was, and still is, performing live. I guess I still write the songs and make the records so that I can go out and play ‘ except that now I actually look forward to it. I’ve learned how to do it, and I’m very eager to get stuff recorded once I’ve written it.’ Chris’ newest CD Hundred Dollar Valentine has been recognized by MOJO as the Number 1 Americana CD of 2012.