Todd Snider

Todd Snider is on the happy back end of happy hour at a favorite East Nashville bar, talking about his new album Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables. ‘This record doesn’t come from good times,’ Snider says. ‘I wanted to sound the way I feel, which sometimes means sounding like a broken soul.’ On the 10 new songs, Snider doesn’t talk around the vulnerable part, or the angry part, or the part about how everything we’re taught about goodness and righteousness and capitalism, about God and family values winds up exploding into violence and chaos, wonder and longing. He might carry the mantle of ‘storyteller’ ‘ it’s what he titled his live record, after all ‘ but Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables is anything but a nice, folk/Americana troubadour album.

We Talk in Pictures

Boston based artists, Liz Linder & Richard Griswold, work in different worlds but share a sensibility at the heart of their artistic momentum. Here, they collaborate on a body of work that explores the immediacy of modern electronic conversation.
Somewhere between scavenger hunt and passing notes in school, ‘We Talk in Pictures’ explores a game they invented to stay in touch, inject humor into the day, and share observations of form, space, materiality, and message to find meaning within everyday experiences. The exhibition extracts conversations from their personal glowing rectangles, and translates them into ‘idea clusters’ on the gallery walls.
The two artists are also showcasing independent collections – Linder’s images of Performing Artists spanning two decades, and Griswold’s watercolor paintings of form and shape that are ‘quicker than architecture’ including his Scenes from the Jungian Sandbox.
A closing reception will take place on Sunday, February 3rd from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. The public is cordially invited. Admission is free.
Liz Linder’s ability to connect with her subjects in unexpected ways is central to the way she captures performing artists and personalities including the likes of Davy Jones, DJ Spooky and Esperanza Spalding. Her work has appeared in dozens of leading publications including Rolling Stone, The New York Times and Spin. She’s been heard on On Point Public Radio and seen on ABC World News Tonight. Her personal work is exhibited and collected throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Richard Griswold is Associate Provost and Dean of Students at the Boston Architectural College where he teaches introductory design theory. He also works part-time as an architect. Alongside this work, often as an antidote to it, Rich’s art explores watercolor painting and its possible intersections with designed space. On two occasions he has dropped everything to explore his watercolor world as a MacDowell Fellow. Rich studied photography as an undergraduate, and his game with Liz represents was Julia Cameron calls a ‘creative U-turn’, a chance to revisit a long-dormant way to express and connect.


Due to the impending storm, the Red Molly concert on Friday, Feb 8th has been rescheduled to Friday, May 31, 2013. All tickets for the Feb. date will be honored in May. Refunds are available at the point-of-sale. Refund deadline date is March 8th. This weekend’s Saturday and Sunday concerts will go on as planned.

Charlie Musselwhite

Harmonica master Charlie Musselwhite’s life reads like a classic blues song: born in Mississippi, raised in Memphis and schooled on the South Side of Chicago. A groundbreaking recording artist since the 1960s, Musselwhite continues to create trailblazing music while remaining firmly rooted in the blues. His worldly-wise vocals, rich, melodic harmonica playing and deep country blues guitar work flawlessly accompany his often autobiographical and always memorable original songs. Living Blues says, ‘Musselwhite’s rock-solid vocals creep up and overwhelm you before you know it. He plays magnificent harp with superb dexterity and phrasing. The results are amazing.’ Over the last 43 years Musselwhite has released over 30 albums. Three of those ‘ 1990s Ace Of Harps, 1991’s Signature and 1993’s In My Time ‘ were recorded for Alligator Records and remain among his best-selling titles. Now, Charlie Musselwhite returns to Alligator with The Well. With musical flavors from Mississippi to Memphis to Chicago, The Well is steeped in the music of Charlie’s youth ‘ country and city blues as well as rockabilly and gospel ‘ the music that inspired his signature sound. The fresh, new songs speak from his decades of experience, hard living, and his triumph over adversity.

Shawn Mullins

Since we last heard from Shawn Mullins on 2008’s honeydew, the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter and bandleaderhas undergone a series of transformative experiences, leading to a second coming for the veteran artist. Evidence of Mullins’ newfound level of musical and lyrical ambition courses comes through with Light You Up (Vanguard Records, October 12). This captivating new song cycle will likely be viewed as a flat-out revelation even by Mullins’ most fervent fans. His experiences included an indoctrination into the collaborative creative process by numerous bouts of intensive co-writing, in one instance putting him atop of the country charts via a key contribution to the Zac Brown Band’s ‘Toes,’ marking his third #1 single, following 1999’s ‘Lullaby’ and the 2006 Triple A/Americana chart-topper ‘Beautiful Wreck.’ Further co-writing yielded nine of the 11 songs on the new album, which Mullins believes represents the strongest, most expressive writing of his distinguished career. All of this creative activity was topped off by the birth of Shawn’s first child, Murphy, in August of 2009.