Shemekia Copeland 4/10/20

“Copeland is a powerhouse, a superstar…she can do no wrong.” –Rolling Stone

“America’s Child is a groundbreaking, genre-bending work of beauty. Shemekia is one of the great singers of our time. This record introduces listeners to another side of her, and I predict it will result in many new fans.  Her voice on these songs is nothing short of magic.” –Mary Gauthier

“Shemekia Copeland is the real deal. America’s Child goes deep and Shemekia’s voice—a national treasure—carries the songs effortlessly, whether topical, personal, spiritual, political or just plain raucous fun. Shemekia rears back her head and what comes out is humanity made vocal.” –Will Kimbrough Continue reading

Colorful Symbolism

Together we dive into a sea of rich colors evoking passion, creativity, love, grounding, intuition, higher consciousness, and pleasure. These are the emotions directly related to the chakra colors, the inspiration for this collection. As you tune into the images be mindful of the feelings vibrating through your body. Are you drawn to one color more than another? Pay attention to that! The colors you may be drawn to could be signaling you to particular chakras…energy centers that run through our bodies that affect our health, wellbeing, and spirituality.

As an artist I like to combine dark with light and hard with soft, highlighting the beauty of opposing forces and honoring the yin and yang of the natural life, which is reflected throughout this collection. You will see a beautiful woman in the ruins of a war camp and sensual beauty in the midst of a junkyard. Duality so powerful you can feel the emotions flow through the art as your chakras are activated from within. Come take the visual ride through Colorful Symbolism.

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Bonerama 3/6/20

Bonerama has always been hailed as “unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.”

As their sound evolves and changes it’s still the best way to describe this 18 year old powerhouse trombone touring band from New Orleans, LA. In addition to changing the way people think about the trombone, the sound of Bonerama has become an influence and contribution to the sound of New Orleans music today. Continue reading