Sons of Serendip- Broadcast on Providence CW13

Bay Coast Bank as well as the City of Fall River and Mayor Paul Coogan present Christmas in Fall River with Sons of Serendip. This TV Special, recorded at the Narrows Center for the Arts will be televised on the CW Providence on December 19th at 8pm. It can be viewed on the following channels: Comcast 813/1170, COX 9/1009, and Verizon 14/509.

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Essence and Allure

This online exhibition features Andrew Maglathlin‘s traditional pottery and the vessel as a reference and as a platform to merge sculpture and painting.  Andrew’s pieces are ambiguous and evoke something in the viewer that is both familiar and at the same time distant. Painting multiple layers of glaze and slip, the pieces slowly progress through a metamorphosis, as a dialog is created between the form and surface. Continue reading