Vanilla Fudge
To be an influence on the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Van Halen certainly secures a place in rock n roll history for the legendary Vanilla Fudge. Since the summer of 1967, Vanilla Fudge were architects of a new... (MORE)
NOVEMBER 16, 2019

*SOLD OUT* Marty Stuart is "The Pilgrim" SOLD OUT
The Narrows Center for the Arts welcomes country music torchbearer Marty Stuart as he celebrates the twentieth anniversary of his iconic album The Pilgrim. While he's too gracious to admit it himself, the GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician is living, breathing... (MORE)
NOVEMBER 14, 2019

The Music of Michael Troy
Fall River native, Michael Troy, has written amazing songs about his home town, people who have touched him and life itself, in the way he knows best…through his ability to combine his music with storytelling. He would tell you he has... (MORE)
NOVEMBER 10, 2019

Coco Montoya
The old Willie Dixon adage, "blues is truth," perfectly describes the searing, contemporary blues-rock of world-renowned guitarist and vocalist Coco Montoya. Taught by the "Master of the Telecaster," Albert Collins, but with a hard-edged sound and style all his own, Montoya... (MORE)
NOVEMBER 9, 2019

The Garcia Project
The Garcia Project's performances are recreations of full, classic Jerry Garcia Band set lists from 1976-1995. More than just a Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Band or Jerry Garcia Cover Band, using thoughtful arrangements and the proper instrumentation and feel, The Garcia... (MORE)
NOVEMBER 8, 2019

Flying Burrito Brothers 50th Anniversary All Star Tribute
Flying Burrito Brothers 50th Anniversary All Star Tribute Featuring Greg Harris, Jeff Pevar, David Jackson and David Heffington The 50th Anniversary All-Star Tribute to THE FLYING BURRITO BROS., has finalized its line-up of legacy musicians, culled from The Who’s Who of country rock, Americana... (MORE)
NOVEMBER 1, 2019

The 2019 Ultimate Original Tour with The Dan Lawson Band and The Grab Brothers Band
The 2019 Ultimate Original Tour with The Dan Lawson Band & Special Guest The Grab Brothers Band Dan Lawson's reputation as one of America's Premier guitar players speaks for itself. He and his style have evolved into a charismatic rock sound like no other!... (MORE)
OCTOBER 26, 2019

Felix Cavaliere's Rascals
The message has always been to stand for peace, love, and happiness. For legendary singer songwriter, FELIX CAVALIERE, making people feel good is primary to his illustrious 50-year career that includes the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Songwriter Hall of... (MORE)
OCTOBER 25, 2019

Antonio Sanchez & Migration
Perhaps not "all politics is personal," but for Mexican born and raised drummer and composer Antonio Sanchez, who became a naturalized American citizen in 2016, the criminalizing of immigrants and the breathtakingly casual cruelty in the enforcement of border policies by the... (MORE)
OCTOBER 24, 2019

Eilen Jewell
American Songwriter describes Eilen Jewell as one of America's most intriguing, creative and idiosyncratic voices. The Boise, Idaho songwriter is one of a kind. That singular voice springs forth from a woman of more than one mind, and she taps into many... (MORE)
OCTOBER 19, 2019