Fall River Portraits – Feasts and Festivals

JANUARY 1, 2021 - JUNE 30, 2021

This online exhibition brings together photographs from the 1950s to the present of the feasts and festivals that have long been a prominent part of Fall River’s cultural life. The over 200 images from the archives of Fall River’s Herald News and the work of anthropologist, Andrea Klimt, tell the story of the city’s rich history through its public celebrations. The focus on events such as Memorial Day and 4th of July parades, neighborhood block parties, Fall River Celebrates America Event, Holy Ghost feasts, St. Patrick’s Day events, and Greek, Polish, and Cambodian festivals show how Fall River’s residents have, over the decades, come together to have fun, honor cultural traditions, and celebrate community.




The Herald News has been providing Fall River residents with city news since it was consolidated into a single newspaper in 1892. At its height, circulation was about 45,000 copies per day. Its archives are filled with photographs of city events by the many staff photographers who worked there over the years. The newspaper’s photo editor, Colin Furze, reviewed the decades’ worth of images to select the photographs for this exhibition.

Andrea Klimt has been taking photographs of Fall River’s neighborhoods and celebrations for the past decade. She is the Director of the Fall River Portraits Project, a collaborative photography project dedicated to visually documenting the city’s people, culture, and history. (See fallriverportraits.org). She is also a long-time anthropology professor at UMass Dartmouth.

The Feasts and Festivals exhibition is made possible by a grant from UMass Dartmouth to Dr. Andrea Klimt.



Top Left: Dancing in North Park, 1968, Fall River Herald News

Top Right: Polish Festival, 1982, Fall River Herald News

Bottom Left: Santo Cristo Procession, 2009, Andrea Klimt

Bottom Right: Cambodian Festival, 2016, Andrea Klimt