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Earth and Ocean Herbals and Wellness/Orabelle Botanicals
Susan Clements is owner of Earth & Ocean Herbals and Wellness and formulator of Orabelle Botanicals. Her 30 year journey as a community herbalist, forager, licensed holistic esthetician, consultant and educator has been the perfect  backstory to creating an exceptional line of skin and body care. Orabelle (Celtic for “beautiful seacoast”) Botanicals is an artisanal line of plant based skin and body care, incorporating high quality, expeller pressed oils infused with organic or locally wildcrafted herbs.  You can find Susan online at


Website: www.earthoceanherbals.com.



Orgone Jewelry Designs
We make orgonite and essential oil diffuser bracelets and necklaces. Orgonite is a combination of crystals, metal, and resin which combine to generate negative ions, similar to Himalayan salt lamps. By generating negative ions they are great at balancing out the energy  of wherever they are placed, purifying the air, and providing protection from damaging EMF from wireless and electronic devices.



Spencer Holistic
Spencer Holistic advocates for health and wellness for everyone. We offer Therapeutic Massage, Energy Work, Ear Coning and Cannabis Education. Additionally, we offer small-batch holistic salves and bodycare products made from organic cannabis root, as well as personal aromatherapy products.







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APR 01 - DEC 31

Barney Zeitz, a native of Fall River, has lived solely off the sale of his artworks in glass, metals and drawing since 1972. Most of this work has been built on commission for public spaces and private

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SEP 21 - NOV 16

Reception: OCTOBER 5, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Thor’s Hammer is a socio-political exhibit based on Marvel Comics imagery. Each sculpture reimagines an aspect of Marvel Comics in the context of current issues. While the art was

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