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Jen Charleson
Sacred Geometry Gift Collection
All items are handmade or hand-finished.
Jen’s jewelry is made using pieces cut from original artworks, mostly sacred geometry designs. She also sells 3-inch hand-painted paper luminaries that come boxed with battery-operated votives, 4-inch framed sacred geometry original artworks and 6×9-inch framed prints featuring the zodiac constellations.  All items in her gift collection are priced under $50.





Inside My Cranium
Guitar String Jewelry

I make Jewelry from gently used guitar Strings…..
If you’re interested in recycling just ask!
If you’re interested in the Jewelry just Ask!






Craig Rousseau

Craig Rousseau is an American comic book artist. During his career Rousseau has worked for various comic book companies, but is best known for his work on DC Comics titles like Harley QuinnBatman Beyond and Impulse. He also worked for Disney Adventures (Kim Possible), Beckett (Ruule: Kiss and TellRonin Hood of the 47 SamuraiThe Cobbler’s Monster), Image Comics (Tellos: The Last HeistTales of TellosInvincible HandbookMonster Pile-up) and Marvel Comics’ Creative Services.

He has additionally drawn, and co-created with Todd DeZago, The Perhapanauts for Dark Horse and Image Comics (Perhapanauts: First Bloodand Perhapanauts: Second Chances). More recently, he has drawn Marvel’s Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.


Valerie Rufo
Valerie Rufo is a local artist from Middleboro, MA, who specializes in pottery. She is a full-time special education teacher of students with moderate to severe disabilities at Middleboro High School and helps them to develop transitional life skills. Valerie has also been a loyal employee to a local restaurateur for over 25 years. She has been a friendly and familiar face at many of the local eateries and has helped to form a sense of community amongst the patrons and Middleboro residents. When not at work, Valerie’s artistic passions include creating pottery, mosaics, and fresh flower arrangements.  Other activities she enjoys are kayaking, sailing, hanging clothes, gardening, and preserving foods.






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APR 01 - DEC 31

Barney Zeitz, a native of Fall River, has lived solely off the sale of his artworks in glass, metals and drawing since 1972. Most of this work has been built on commission for public spaces and private

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JUN 08 - JUL 27

Amending the Past: “Teaching through Textiles,” the history of our nation In the Spring of 2019, Artist Rhonda M Fazio, Art Specialist Karen Graca and her textile students from Kuss

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