New Voices in American Mosaics

October 19, 2024 - December 14, 2024
The New England Mosaic Society 2024 All Member Exhibition

From the Roman mosaic interiors of Pompeii, to the gold flecked ceilings of Byzantine churches in Ravenna, Italy, to the exquisitely preserved tile floors of Zeugma, Turkey, mosaics have been important clues to our understanding of ancient cultures.  The enduring quality of tile mosaic art has allowed us to see how these ancient civilizations lived, loved, warred and died.  

For over ten years, the New England Mosaic Society has brought together mosaic artists who are using this medium to express modern life; creating work as technically masterful, creatively constructed, and relevant as anything being done elsewhere in the world. 

Please join us for an exhibition of work by our talented members, a group of American mosaic artists pushing the boundaries of this amazing medium, continually exploring how an ancient art form can be imbued with contemporary spirit.

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