*SOLD OUT* Ryan Montbleau 2/9/19

In 2005, Ryan Montbleau and his band headed into Applehead Recording in Saugerties, New York, to cut their debut album. With nothing more than ambition and a relentless work ethic to their names, they bootstrapped the whole thing, maxing out credit cards to fund it themselves and launch their careers from the ground up. Twelve years, eleven records, thousands of shows, and 60 million Spotify streams later, Montbleau returned to the studio for a special one-night-only concert that would become the latest entry in his venerable catalog: ‘Woodstock Sessions.’ Continue reading

Ryan Montbleau Band 8/12/17

Ryan Montbleau has been an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and bandleader for more than a decade, but with his new album I Was Just Leaving the New England-based artist has truly arrived. Contemplative and richly emotive, the album offers a glimpse into the often-lonesome life of the relentlessly traveling troubadour, a strikingly single-minded existence too often clouded by the blur of constant motion. Continue reading

Ryan Montbleau Band Blew Us Away

Review by Olivia Mello, Narrows Staff

July felt like a long one, anxiously awaiting the last performance of the month. I played their albums on repeat for weeks, trying to memorize all the clever lyrics and absorb all the funky riffs; but, nothing could prepare me for the epic-ness of last night’s performance. Continue reading

Ryan Montbleau

One of the finest young singer songwriters in New England. Ryan has been honing his craft onstage for over 10 years. He is a soulful and sensitive singer with funky guitars stylings and a bunch of great tunes.


This is a FREE EVENT taking place on South Main Street in front of the District Court House in downtown Fall River. With a non-stop performance schedule for over 40 years, Roomful of Blues has earned critical, popular and radio success and a legion of fans around the globe. Twice, the prestigious DownBeat International Critics Poll selected them as Best Blues Band’. Songs for Ryan Montbleau typically need to simmer. In his 10-year career this gifted singer and his limber band have built their catalog the old-fashioned way, by introducing new songs to their live set, then bending and shaping them over dozens of performances before committing a definitive version to the hard drive’..

SOLD OUT Ryan Montbleau Band

Time hangs heavy on the vine/Let’s make wine,’ Ryan Montbleau sings in the lulling, sensual verse that gives his group’s new album its title. Ryan Montbleau Band has been tending its own musical vineyard for a few years, on the patient cusp of a breakthrough. Their distinctive, long-fermenting blend of neo-folk, classic soul, and kick-out-the-jams Americana finally comes to full fruition in Heavy on the Vine. It’s an album that represents the product of ‘ and further promise of ‘ a very good year. Don’t worry if the classic sounds they’ve bottled up remain a little hard to put a label on. ‘I’m not one of these people who say ‘Oh, we can’t be pigeonholed.’ I honestly wish we could, just so I could describe it quickly to people,’ says Montbleau. ‘This record has folk songs, funk songs, country tunes, a reggae tune . . . and the end is almost like prog-rock. It’s all over the map, but it’s all us, and we do it all wholeheartedly. We’ve sort of come up in the jam scene, and that’s where our hearts have been in a lot of ways, but we don’t go off on 15-minute epics. We’re actually trying to make the songs shorter as we go. So I would lean much more toward the Americana thing than the jam thing. But, more than anything, we’re definitely about the song.’