Todd Snider 3/5/20

One morning near the end of August, Todd Snider was relaxing with a visitor on the back porch of his house just outside Nashville, drinking coffee and shooting the breeze while his dog, Cowboy Jim, took a nap nearby. After awhile, Snider said to his guest, “I’ve got an album’s worth of songs, and I think the songs are telling me to make a folk record.”

This was a surprising bit of news considering he had spent the last six years making rock albums of one kind or another. But Snider was feeling as if he had “maybe drifted too far from the shore.” He was feeling the pull to start over, to go back to what he was doing when he first began, to return to his roots as a folksinger. Continue reading

Todd Snider 10/18/16

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Todd is one of the best songwriter’s of his generation. Funny, poignant and down right weird at times. He is touring in support of his great new record “Eastside Bulldog.” He is also a great entertainer and storyteller.

Todd Snider

Todd Snider is on the happy back end of happy hour at a favorite East Nashville bar, talking about his new album Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables. ‘This record doesn’t come from good times,’ Snider says. ‘I wanted to sound the way I feel, which sometimes means sounding like a broken soul.’ On the 10 new songs, Snider doesn’t talk around the vulnerable part, or the angry part, or the part about how everything we’re taught about goodness and righteousness and capitalism, about God and family values winds up exploding into violence and chaos, wonder and longing. He might carry the mantle of ‘storyteller’ ‘ it’s what he titled his live record, after all ‘ but Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables is anything but a nice, folk/Americana troubadour album.