What About the Kids?

OCTOBER 13, 2019 - NOVEMBER 30, 2019
Kevin Lamoureux

What About the Kids?

With everything that is happening in the world, I urge you to ask yourself one question: What about the kids? What are you doing to help the kids around you, the kids of the next generation, and the kid within yourself? Take a second. Ask yourself. What about the kids?

Kevin “Lamb” Lamoureux is a spraypaint/multi-media artist based out of Rhode Island with his studio here, at the Narrows. By day, Kevin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that is currently working towards his School Administration Certification in hopes of becoming a principal. He currently works in a public school district. In addition to the art work that he does privately, he also provides spraypaint classes for kids between the ages of 6-18 in hopes of providing them with a creative outlet. He has also done some public work, most recently painting a basketball court for Roger Williams Middle School in Providence, RI. He can be found on Instagram at @baaaalamb 



Top left: “What About the Kids”

Top middle: “Kids need Love”

Top right: “Kids, Art is not a Crime”

Bottom left: “Welcome, Beware”

Bottom right: “Kids, Do what you can”