Man & Beast

An Exhibition of drawings, paintings and masks by Fall River artist, David R. Mello.

Man, animals and other imaginary creatures collide forming a menagerie of images not found in the natural world, but which vibrantly inhabit the wilderness of dreams. Featuring works in ceramic, acrylics and ink.

The Apple Tree on the Abandoned Railroad Line
An Exhibition by Elin Noble and Lasse Antonsen

The artist couple, Elin Noble and Lasse Antonsen, have long careers as artists, but this exhibition marks the first time they are presenting work they have made together.

Noble and Antonsen had a residency in September 2018 in the town of Assens, on the Island of Fyn, in Denmark. While there, they discovered an apple tree on an abandoned railroad line, and began to dye cloth with the apple leaves, apple tree bark, and the apples themselves. In 2019 they returned to the island, and dyed additional cloth. Continue reading

Colorful Symbolism

Together we dive into a sea of rich colors evoking passion, creativity, love, grounding, intuition, higher consciousness, and pleasure. These are the emotions directly related to the chakra colors, the inspiration for this collection. As you tune into the images be mindful of the feelings vibrating through your body. Are you drawn to one color more than another? Pay attention to that! The colors you may be drawn to could be signaling you to particular chakras…energy centers that run through our bodies that affect our health, wellbeing, and spirituality.

As an artist I like to combine dark with light and hard with soft, highlighting the beauty of opposing forces and honoring the yin and yang of the natural life, which is reflected throughout this collection. You will see a beautiful woman in the ruins of a war camp and sensual beauty in the midst of a junkyard. Duality so powerful you can feel the emotions flow through the art as your chakras are activated from within. Come take the visual ride through Colorful Symbolism.

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What About the Kids?

What About the Kids?

With everything that is happening in the world, I urge you to ask yourself one question: What about the kids? What are you doing to help the kids around you, the kids of the next generation, and the kid within yourself? Take a second. Ask yourself. What about the kids? Continue reading

Earth Dialogues: Carol Langstaff & Ana Flores

Earth Dialogues: Carol Langstaff & Ana Flores

The two artists in this exhibit have had studios in rural settings for some time; Carol Langstaff has been a long time resident in the hills of Vermont, Ana Flores lives next to a forest in Southern Rhode Island. Over time they have discovered that an unspoken dialogue with the natural world, propels much of their vision.  This comes from living intimately in a place that is still ecologically whole, with more species other than humans sharing the land. Continue reading

Ebb and Flow

Water shifts, moves and flows. It has no inherent shape, formed only by the embrace of the shoreline, a vessel or even a garden hose. Three artists – Tiffany Adams, Brooke Hammerle and Paula Martiesian – offer their personal interpretations of the constant motion of water in their lives and art. Continue reading

Shared Landscapes: Invisible Worlds

Alyn Carlson and Joan Potkay Shared Landscapes: Invisible Worlds is based on similar memory patterns formed in their primal first experiences. The DNA of their childhood memories formed in a moment are carried in their internal landscape throughout their lives.

Not knowing each other well, they began to share initial memories that stimulated their art and therefore Shared Landscapes: Invisible Worlds came about through recognizable similar childhood memories that had been imprinted on them separately.

Alyn’s early exposure to nature is strongly linked to her grandmother’s farm in Maine. Seeing light move over hills, pine trees with indigo edges cooling a stone stoop, soft and settled under her small feet, left impressions on Alyn. She and her grandmother, side by side, were content for wordless observation and absorption of hill, tree, and pond. The view becoming an internal landscape that would grow for a lifetime. A landscape that would find its way out and into paintings.

Alyn’s abstract landscapes begin with a brilliant ground applied to wooden panels. She then builds and layers poppyseed oil paints, oil bars and sometimes pencil over the ground, scraping and removing the paint to create contrasting line to bring form and tension to her landscapes.

Joan’s memories are early sensations of color and smell of honeysuckle and roses cascading down in a welter to a salt water river pulsing with seaweed and orange umbrella jellyfish. King fishers darting in blue across a cold spring of water, rolls of fog coming in like cotton batting are familial memories of her grandparents cottage /boathouse that have provoked the tactical release of memory into the pouring of paint, the excitement of color, the sensation of texture.

Joan Potkay’s artwork includes painting on canvas, paperworks and printmaking. She works in a downward motion of mark making and pouring of thin layers of luminous paint. The process allows action and movement to weave together the plasticity of the various mediums evoking texture, chaos and the beauty of nature.

A reception will be held on Saturday, November 30th from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Admission is free. The public is cordially invited.


Top Middle: New Shoreham Alyn Carlson

Top Right: Storm Stillness Joan Potkay

Bottom Left: New Shoreham 10 Alyn Carlson

Bottom Right: Cloud 8 Joan Potkay




Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer is a socio-political exhibit based on Marvel Comics imagery. Each sculpture reimagines an aspect of Marvel Comics in the context of current issues. While the art was inspired by Marvel Comics, it’s not about the comics. It’s Marvel Comics with a twist. Continue reading

Through Our Eyes

The over thirty photographers whose work is displayed in this exhibit are all adult English-language learners at SER-Jobs for Progress, Inc.  Over the past year, they have been exploring the world around them through the lens of a camera and taking photographs of whatever struck them as important, interesting, or beautiful.  They hail from countries around the globe and have now made their home in Fall River. Continue reading