The founding mission of the Narrows Center for the Arts was to promote and develop an appreciation of the visual and the performing arts. Artist studios are one component of our ever-growing and successful cultural arts center.

Over the years several artists have used studio workspace at the Narrows to create their artwork in the company of like-minded artists. An open studio door is a welcome invitation to all the arts enthusiasts who attend live performances and/or visit our galleries to view exhibitions.

Current Studio Artists:

KayBella Photography

Marybeth Buglio & Sharon Schofield, Photographers

KayBella loves helping you shine through our unique and personalized photo-shoots. We love our clients and enjoy having the opportunity to help them tell their stories through our photos.


Kevin Lamoureux

Kevin”Lamb” Lamoureux is an artist based out of Providence, RI. Using a primary medium of spray paint, Kevin started painting as a release from the work that he was bringing home with him as a Social Worker with incarcerated youth. Developing his own style and showing his art at a number of different venues over the last few years, he has also started to offer spray paint classes to youth from a number of different organizations and locations (high schools, elementary schools, girl scout troops, group homes, and residential treatment facilities among others). He has continued his education as well, earning a masters of social work and a school administration certification. He serves as an Assistant Principal at a local Middle School by day, and continues to pursue his passion for art at night.

Watch Kevin’s spotlight video here!

Instagram: @baaaalamb

Studio Incognito

The Art of Vania Noverca Viveiros

“Art is an expression of oneself and should always be shared with others.”

“As an artist, one is often asked to provide a Biography and an Artist Statement when invited to a Gallery or Show. I truly do understand the intent; but I must admit that I personally feel that in order to know an artist, one must learn who we are through our reflections, and look beyond our shadows! Who, what, when and why, how are we inspired; each and every creation is a mere reflection of all these things collectively.”

(774) 627-5977

Taylespun Studio

The Art of Chuck Boucher

Working professionally since 1986, Chuck formed Taylespun Studio when managing retail sales at an art supply store in his hometown. In 2013, he opened his studio at the Narrows Center for the Arts. His work is recognized, respected, and collected across the country. Step into his open studio and see brilliant, expressive color, skillfully applied onto canvas in a variety of sizes.

Watch Chuck’s spotlight video here!

(774) 644-3722

Nancy Cote

Born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts, Nancy’s childhood memories of apartment living, unkept yards, abandoned chicken coops, lilac bushes, weeds, wildflowers and an overall obsession with nature, all served as an initial source of her endless fascination with sound, color, and image; the beginning of a blossoming love and appreciation of the world.

Nancy was awakened to the joy of creating images and words at an early age and continues to build on her prolific body of work as a painter, author, poet, illustrator and digital artist.

Upon completion of a BFA in painting and receiving the Excellence in Art award from UMassDartmouth, Nancy had her first children’s book published as author/illustrator with Macmillan Publishing and and has since illustrated over forty picture books in addition to nine of her own published stories. Her work has received numerous awards and has been exhibited internationally. She wrote the best seller, Frozen 2 Little Golden Book 2019, Disney/Random House. Her resume includes teaching children’s book illustration in the C.E. Program at Rhode Island School of Design.

Watch Nancy’s spotlight video here!




Tiffany Amaral

Moon lover, dreamer and mixed media artist, Tiffany creates art that feeds the soul-seeking heart.  Her inspiration is driven by the beauty of nature, crystals and the celestial world.  Her work often incorporates semi-precious stones, galaxies and a spark of bohemian flare.
Tiffany turns to art as a form of therapy and meditation from her everyday life.  While working full time in EMS she seeks the solitude and peace she gets when in a creative state of mind.
Her pieces are often created with a variety of mediums.  Ranging from acrylics to watercolors, alcohol inks to resin.  You can find her love of the moon and all it’s phases at Luna Grace Studio.  From her own spiritual journey to the eyes of the viewers, her work seeks to spark a feeling into the soul and mind of others.
Watch Tiffany’s spotlight video here!


Instagram: @LunaGraceStudio

Tom Rogers

Painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, photography, 2d/3d….. media agnostic. 



Art of Thel

Theloni Coleman is a mixed-media abstract artist living in Massachusetts. Her studio work includes painting, charcoal, pen/ink drawing, and sculpture. Theloni also specializes in fashion styling and tattoo design. Art of Thel is primarily inspired by philosophy, emotional struggle, and survival in spite of disappointment and sorrow.



Amy Araujo

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.” William James. Nichols 184.

My work is about my humanity. A reflection of my human experiences. I believe there is a oneness that connects us all and enables each of us the capacity to feel beyond our own individual experiences and connect to ones outside ourselves. Experiences can be universal. My drawings are driven from a series of events that took place in a 4 year time span and evolve into a narrative. The self-portraits are an exploration of myself; a contemplation of the feelings, thoughts and emotions attached to particular memories of experiences. My creative work is directed by repeated questions and thoughts to be addressed, confronted and resolved. The drawing becomes a response.



Instagram: amy_araujo_


Narrows Center for the Arts has studio space available for rent. Studios are accessible and affordable and include heat, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. The Narrows is conveniently located on the Fall River, MA waterfront near major highways. Narrows Center gives studio artists a unique built-in audience of art and music lovers through its programming. Interested artists should send their portfolio and bio to

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