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Live Stream: Heather Maloney

On Heather’s newest record Soil In The Sky, her “ability to channel emotion is radical” (PopMatters). Her 4th full-length album released on the celebrated indie label Signature Sounds, “SITS” is stacked with special guests who help her

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Spindle City Festival

Spindle City Festival will be on June 5th from 11am-4:00pm. The event will take place outside at the City Gates/Portas da Cidade located on Water St. in Fall River. 

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Cheryl Wheeler with Kenny White

Cheryl Wheeler has to be seen to be appreciated. Nothing you read and nothing you hear from her albums prepares you for how good a performer she is. You may not be familiar with Cheryl, but you have probably heard her music. She is very respected

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Live Stream: Neal and The Vipers 7/17/20

Neal and The Vipers are a Rhode Island based band who play American Roots Music encompassing blues, rock & roll, rockabilly, and surf, that will get you up out of your chair to dance all night long! When the show is over, you will feel full of energy

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