Fall River Portraits - Feasts and Festivals
This online exhibition brings together photographs from the 1950s to the present of the feasts and festivals that have long been a prominent part of Fall River's cultural life. The over 200 images from the archives of Fall River's Herald... (MORE)
JANUARY 1, 2021 - JUNE 30, 2021

Essence and Allure
This online exhibition features Andrew Maglathlin's traditional pottery and the vessel as a reference and as a platform to merge sculpture and painting.  Andrew's pieces are ambiguous and evoke something in the viewer that is both familiar and at the same time... (MORE)
JANUARY 1, 2021 - JUNE 30, 2021

Ebb and Flow
Water shifts, moves and flows. It has no inherent shape, formed only by the embrace of the shoreline, a vessel or even a garden hose. Three artists – Tiffany Adams, Brooke Hammerle and Paula Martiesian – offer their personal interpretations... (MORE)
MARCH 7, 2020 - APRIL 17, 2020

Colorful Symbolism
Together we dive into a sea of rich colors evoking passion, creativity, love, grounding, intuition, higher consciousness, and pleasure. These are the emotions directly related to the chakra colors, the inspiration for this collection. As you tune into the images... (MORE)
JANUARY 12, 2020 - MARCH 12, 2020

Earth Dialogues: Carol Langstaff & Ana Flores
Earth Dialogues: Carol Langstaff & Ana Flores The two artists in this exhibit have had studios in rural settings for some time; Carol Langstaff has been a long time resident in the hills of Vermont, Ana Flores lives next to a... (MORE)
JANUARY 11, 2020 - FEBRUARY 28, 2020

Shared Landscapes: Invisible Worlds

Alyn Carlson and Joan Potkay Shared Landscapes: Invisible Worlds is based on similar memory patterns formed in their primal first experiences. The DNA of their childhood memories formed in a moment are carried in their internal landscape throughout their lives. Not... (MORE)
NOVEMBER 23, 2019 - JANUARY 3, 2020

What About the Kids?
What About the Kids? With everything that is happening in the world, I urge you to ask yourself one question: What about the kids? What are you doing to help the kids around you, the kids of the next generation,... (MORE)
OCTOBER 13, 2019 - NOVEMBER 30, 2019

Thor's Hammer
Thor’s Hammer is a socio-political exhibit based on Marvel Comics imagery. Each sculpture reimagines an aspect of Marvel Comics in the context of current issues. While the art was inspired by Marvel Comics, it’s not about the comics. It’s Marvel Comics... (MORE)
SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 - NOVEMBER 16, 2019

Reception: OCTOBER 5, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Teens Putting Fall River on the Map
Two thematic maps and a collection of photojournalistic images of Fall River are the culmination of the inaugural summer program for the youth-driven arts nonprofit YEAH! (Youth Experiencing Artistic Hope) whose studio is part of the Narrows Arts Community. (more…) (MORE)
SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 - OCTOBER 4, 2019

I use systems and mathematical patterns to make work about space, optics, and perception. I want to create spaces that embody a sense of the something sacred; spaces that transport. I’m searching for a sense of liminality, for spaces in... (MORE)
JULY 27, 2019 - SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

Reception: SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 at 2PM - 4PM