19 on Paper

January 22, 2022 - March 12, 2022


NINETEEN ON PAPER is a group of New England artists who come together to create and exhibit works of art of on or with paper. 

Members are painters, collage artists, printmakers, book artists, photographers, digital artists, and sculptors. The mission of 19 on Paper is to promote an appreciation of art created on or with paper through exhibitions and portfolios and to provide for sharing, networking, and professional growth among its members. The group has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums in New England and abroad. Individual artists of 19 on Paper have exhibited worldwide and several are published in a variety of print media.

Currently 19 on Paper is Grace Bentley-Scheck, Robin Beckwith, Jill Brody, Lorraine Bromley, Sally Caswell, Alma Davenport, David DeMelim, Cynthia DiDonato, Sharon D. Eisman, Kendra Ferreira, Ann-Marie Gillett, BL Green, Paul Murray, Allie Sabalis, Hiroko Shikashio, Felicia Touhey, Marion Wilner and Cindy Wilson.   

We are on Social Media @19onPaper and on the web at https://www.nineteenonpaper.com

First Image: Logo, Second Image: Ann-Marie Gillett, Third Image: David DeMelim, Fourth Image: Kendra Ferreira, Fifth Image: Felicia Touhey, Sixth Image: Sally Caswell

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