Spindle Art Vendors

For The Craft of It:

A longtime crafter who loves all kinds of medium from paper and fabric to wood. Every piece she creates is an original and made from the heart.


Contact: lasweet@comcast.net



I have a love of simplicity and whimsy! My skincare line utilizes healthy, meaningful, naturally-occuring ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. while my jewelry and upcycled cork creations celebrate my quirky side.

Contact: deneemgrenier@hotmail.com



Beachside Baubles and Beads:


Custom, handmade, beaded jewelry inspired by the ocean. All of our creations are inspired by the beauty of the ocean and are handcrafted with love in Fall River, MA.

Magnet Me:
Magnet Me is your one stop shop for handmade magnets in well over 500 themes…and counting!  They make great gifts, come in a huge variety, and are practical and affordable.  They can also be easily customized for company logos, wedding favors, etc.  Handmade locally in North Dighton, MA – check out Magnet Me on Facebook and Instagram! 

Liz Welch:
Now based in Providence, Rhode Island, Welch’s practice includes custom furniture and small goods. Everything she makes is driven by her design process which explores shape, materials, and color with curiosity in order to create objects that embody utility and individual expression.
Website: https://www.lizwelchdesign.com/

Fierce and Sophisticated Boutique:
Our trendy boutique helps women who want to look FIERCE & shop quality yet affordable pieces by finding the perfect SOPHISTICATED accessories all in one place.


PT Creations:

We are a husband/wife duo who have fun working with each other and building off each other’s creativity. Let us create a personalized tumbler for you!


Contact: pt_creations@yahoo.com


Y soaps:

Artisanal soap and skin care products for all skin types by incorporating natural ingredients. Boricua that cares about the community and the self-love we all deserve!


Contact: ysoaps.nb@gmail.com


Wholistic Essence:

Wholistic Essence offering the finest hand crafted all natural soaps, scrubs and bombs along with hand crafted gourd bird houses. We pride ourselves by using nothing but the finest ingredients and essential oils. Our bird houses are carefully crafted and resistant to the elements. With proper care you will get years of enjoyment. Please visit our page for up coming craft shows. We know you will love our products.

Contact: plaureanno@comcast.net


Just Resin It:
Just Resin It, was born from the want to help people. Jillian, the artist, has a history of being a registered nurse and respiratory therapist before becoming disabled by epilepsy; obviously it is ingrained in my blood to help others.  I started resin art as therapy and release for my frustrations and realized it could be for others too.  Here, in my own epoxy resin I found happiness by making others smile. Just Resin It, was born to make others smile with my own unique, high quality and motivational pieces.  Each piece is one of a kind and I can also do custom orders.  

Designs by Laura:

Laura Costa is a Fall River-based artisan who handmakes decorative pillows (most with animals pictured and in a variety of sizes) and handmade jewelry.
Contact: 7octopi@gmail.com

Kristria Designs:
Handmade artisan jewelry mostly using the techniques of wire wrapping and metal smithing in copper and sterling silver. Her work is inspired by natural and organic lines and forms and has an earthy and rustic feel. Her signature pieces are my nest necklaces and earrings which can be custom made with differing colors and numbers of eggs in the nest. 
Contact: kristinmaylward@gmail.com

C & T Wooden Creations:

Everything from decor to toilet paper holders from reclaimed wood pallets. I try to put a artist touch and unique touch to all of our pieces.

Kelsey Penha:
Kelsey Penha is from Seekonk MA and makes homemade candles and melts. Everything from decor to candles. I try to put a unique touch to all my work.

Brianna Santo:
Brianna is mixed-media artist and graphic designer from Massachusetts. A life long love for all things creative led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History, all the while continuing to cultivate her passion for drawing and fine arts. As a graphic designer she works mainly with branding, marketing, and print design and often takes on drawing commissions in addition to her day job – like tattoo designs, portraits, and custom illustrations – she is always striving to fuse her passions, and incorporates hand made elements into her design work whenever possible. 
Brianna is currently accepting freelance graphic design work and art commissions. 
Instagram: @bri_santo


Maggie’s Healing Path-Herbal Products:
Maggie began her business ‘Maggie’s Healing Path’  just 1 year ago, using her Yoga & Herbalism & Nursing background to work with clients.
Just this past summer she has developed her Plant-Based Products line- which includes Tea Blends, Skin Care products, and several Herbal-Infused fabric crafts! 
This is Maggie’s first time as an Artist / Vendor @ Spindle City & she is excited to share her crafts with the Narrows community!

Cameron Craft:
I make hand crafted jewelry using metalsmithing, wire wrapping and stringing techniques.  I like to encourage other artists by using their hand made components in my designs.


Rissky Studio – “someone has to draw the line”

Riss has explored and worked with many mediums throughout her life, but recently has been focusing on line art and digital projects. This single line style allows her to explore and emphasize the abstraction of bodies and nature by using real photos she takes and draws inspiration from, and create something new out of them. Your eyes are able to follow the lines and think less about a specific gender or person and more about the way you feel. Line work allows her to let go of perfection and simply go with the flow. 

The Artisan NB:

Hey There! My name is Mark, and I am The Artisan. Back in 2020, I was in a bad mental state of mind, and used my small business as a creative outlet.

I want to create a unique and all-inclusive community within New Bedford through the power of kindness. All apparel designs including, the iconic whale tail was designed by me.

By utilizing the whaling city as inspiration, I want to showcase my unique presence here on the SouthCoast and other New Bedford residents through my apparel.

-Stay Kind, The Artisan







Uniquely Handcrafted Jewelry for Women & Men.  Each Imaginative and compelling design is crafted using organic and up-cycled materials, resulting in an original creation that captures a natural radiance and touchable allure! 






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