Aldous Collins Band | Colorway 5/7/15

Aldous Collins was recently named ‘Best Live Act’ in Massachusetts by Limelight Magazine. They describe their sound as indie funk. Horns and slippery grooves keep people dancing all night. F. Alex Johnson started the band, Colorway as a way to give a home to the melodies that kept awaking him every day. Alex began his musical career at the age of 14, playing in various Portuguese wedding bands in his hometown of Fall River, Mass. The intent with Colorway is to combine the two types of music that Alex loves: pop songs and rock guitar. As is so often the case a great guitar rock tune may not leave you with the most memorable of melodies in your head as you exit the music hall. And if you’re going to craft a catchy tune why not infuse it with some edgy guitar bravado if you can? Colorway tries to do both, drawing upon the experience and care three friends with twenty years of music making each can provide.