Jon Stetson is America’s Master Mentalist. “The Stetson
Experience” is intelligent, interactive, sophisticated fun. Along with hundreds of corporate appearances, Jon has performed for three U.S. Presidents, The King of Sweden, The Royal Family of Monaco, and has appeared on several major Television Networks, as well as being the inspiration for The CBS television series. “The Mentalist”.

Interjecting uproarious comedy into each program, Jon creates a hilarious and unique presentation that never fails to blow the audience away. Stetson blends the art of Mystery with the study of Psychology, the predictability of human nature and the power of intuition, with a disarming sense of humor.

Jon Stetson’s Halloween Hi Jinx is packed with audience
participation. Imaginations are wowed, stretched and captured, as thoughts are revealed and minds are being read, with Jon’s intriguing games of mind to mind contact. In addition, for several years, Jon was the “medium” for the annual Official Houdini Séance. Perhaps Mr. Houdini’s spirit will join us as well!

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