Aztec Two Step

Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman have spent a lifetime making music together as the folk/rock duo Aztec Two-Step. Their first album on Elektra Records, and their subsequent albums for RCA Records, were staples of progressive FM and college radio and helped bring the music of the 60s into the 70s. As their recording career continued,so did the critical acclaim. In 1987 Living in America received the New York Music Award for Best Folk Album and was named in Billboard’s year-end critic’s poll. Praised in major media outlets such as Rolling Stone, and having appeared on numerous TV and radio shows such as David Letterman, King Biscuit Flour Hour, and World Caf?? Live, in 1999 Aztec Two-Step was the subject of a documentary that aired on PBS. Of their 2005 release, Days of Horses, the Boston Globe said ‘fans of the duo’s harmony-driven tunes and easygoing acoustic guitar riffs will recognize their James Taylor-meets-Simon & Garfunkel sound. What’s new is the mood. This album sits back on its haunches as Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman look back wistfully at American pop culture and their own ride through it.’ In 2007, when Forever Changing ‘ The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963-1973 was issued by Rhino Records, the 5- CD box set included ‘The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On The Road),’ Aztec Two-Step’s ode to Jack Kerouac’s groundbreaking novel of the Beat Generation. In a happy coincidence, 2007 is also the aforementioned 35th anniversary of the album Aztec Two-Step and the 50th anniversary of the publication of On The Road. Aztec Two-Step continues to impress audiences with intelligent songwriting, dazzling acoustic lead guitar, and inspiring harmonies. They are one of acoustic music’s most popular and enduring acts.

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