Backyard Birds and Blooms – The Sequel

December 27, 2022 - April 1, 2023
Vania Noverça

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Artist and Art Instructor Vania Noverça had to adapt; brilliantly, Vania continued to teach via “live” video painting demonstrations that were free to the public and took place in her studio at the Narrows Art Community at the Narrows Center for the Arts. The demonstrations were made available to the public on Facebook Live and through other social media platforms.

The classes were expressive, educational and uplifting! They featured the brightness of blooms and brilliance of birds within  their natural habitat. The viewers learned color theory and the fundamentals of painting through Vania’s style and techniques. Viewers were encouraged to go outdoors to study nature and enjoy all of its beauty and breathe! At no time did folks need this respite more from the chaotic world around them, and the opportunity to learn new skills within a calming environment; it was perfect timing of circumstance.

Vania also used this unique “classroom” to remind people to take the time to observe the world around us to discuss local birds and blooms and how they affect our environment and to talk about how we can make a difference by helping to preserve and protect our surroundings!

Backyard Birds and Blooms – The Sequel is a continuum to last year’s wonderfully received exhibition. These additional completed paintings of the live demonstrations celebrate the world around us, from our own backyards to the thickets of our local reservations.