Celebrate the Music of Michael Troy – CD Release Show 10/25/15

Fall River native, Michael Troy has written amazing songs about his home town, people who have touched him and life itself, in the way he knows best’ through his ability to combine his music with storytelling. He will tell you he has lived many lives as a mill worker, fisherman, laborer and carpenter, however he has always come back to his first love, music. Michael and his family invite you to join them to enjoy live performances by: Johnny Botelho, Margret Ferri, Phil Knudsen, Mike Laureanno, Louis Leeman, Mary Beth Soares, Art Tebbetts and Chuck Williams as we look back on Michael’s catalog of music from, ”Whispers in the Wind’, ‘Romancing the Moon’ and ‘Mill Town Boy’. In addition we look forward to a listening experience of Michael’s highly acclaimed new CD, ‘I Am American.’ Please join us to celebrate the music of Michael Troy and the songs that will be with us for many generations to come.

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