Chuck Prophet

Here’s what No Depression magazine said about Chuck Prophet’s latest CD, ‘Age of Miracles’: ‘…Chuck Prophet has evolved since his alt-countryish beginnings into a refreshingly unlabel-able artist who, in mixing and matching genres, thrives on offbeat textures and carefully etched moods… Prophet has over the course of seven solo albums raised his accessibility as he has honed his vision…His new album, Age Of Miracles, features some of his most infectious tunes…While there’s a current of modern unease running beneath the tunes for Prophet’s craggy baritone to bring out, the album has a brightness of purpose that lifts even the sad stuff. He may not have written a more convincing feel-good song than ‘You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp),’ which answers the age old question, ‘Who put the bomp?’ (as posed by Bill Building wordsmith Barry Mann), with a loving expression of gratitude and a seductive hip-hop groove. ‘Just To See You Smile’ is nearly as uplifting, and with Prophet’s wife Stephanie Finch on answering vocal, ‘You Got Me Where You Want Me’ (one of two tunes written with Kim Richey) happily completes a romantic trilogy of sorts…’ Learn more at

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