Coryell, Auger, Sample Trio

The sons of three jazz legends come together to make some incredible music. In July of 2007 while doing a gig with Larry Coryell, Karma Auger was introduced to Julian Coryell minutes before walking onstage. Julian came on to play and the connection was made. After the show they spoke about working together and Nick Sample’s name was brought up. In early August 2007 they all got together for the first time and wrote an album in four hours. After a day of getting sounds CAST went into Julian’s studio in Venice and spent 3 days cutting the album. The strategy was simple: Play down the list, get lunch, do it again. No headphones were used in the making of the record. Just three guys in a room playing. ‘We basically recorded a live album in the studio. We gave ourselves an opportunity which is so rare in today’s clinical approach to recording, we just played.’

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