Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones

Dave’s been mining Americana music before the term was coined. He started with The Blasters, then moved onto X. He just released his 11th solo album aptly titled Eleven Eleven. Eleven Eleven, described as the ‘King of California’s’ most driving, electric blues and rock oriented album since 2004’s critically acclaimed Ashgrove, includes 11-tracks, for the first time in his career, written and recorded on the road and during breaks while on tour. Combining elements of blues, folk, R+B, rockabilly, Bakersfield country and garage rock and roll with lyrical inspiration from local writers and poets like Raymond Chandler, Gerald Locklin and Charles Bukowski, Alvin has mixed his varied musical and literary influences into his own unique, updated version of traditional American music. ‘My songs are just like California,’ says Alvin. ‘A big, messy melting pot.’