Earth Dialogues: Carol Langstaff & Ana Flores

January 11, 2020 - February 28, 2020
Carol Langstaff and Ana Flores

Earth Dialogues: Carol Langstaff & Ana Flores

The two artists in this exhibit have had studios in rural settings for some time; Carol Langstaff has been a long time resident in the hills of Vermont, Ana Flores lives next to a forest in Southern Rhode Island. Over time they have discovered that an unspoken dialogue with the natural world, propels much of their vision.  This comes from living intimately in a place that is still ecologically whole, with more species other than humans sharing the land.

Carol Langstaff’s art has always been a celebration of what she notices and what she cares about, embracing with joy and wisdom what’s found in the forces of our natural world, which transcend our day-to-day concerns.  Responding to the flow forms of nature and the language of gesture has been her passion.  Now since her stroke, she no longer herds people, but has been given the opportunity to do more observing.  Much like her choreography she’s fascinated with sequences and the need to leave less foot print.  In noticing more, we care more.

Ana Flores is a sculptor, ecological designer, and activist. Her sculptural work focusing on cultural and ecological narratives is shown internationally and included in private, corporate and institutional collections throughout the United States and abroad. For two decades she has been promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and groundbreaking collaborations between the arts and sciences. She has worked with communities to design award winning outdoor installations, parks, and programming that engage people with the cultural and natural history of their local landscapes.


2nd & 4th photo: Carol Langstaff

3rd & 5th photo: Ana Flores

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