Gongs of Joy 5/17/17

Join A. Michelle and Joy for a Gong Bath Meditation. Come to clear, energize and balance through the deep vibration and resonance of the gongs. This extraordinary sound experience allows you to rest into your deeper self and move into a dream-like state while waves of gong tones wash over, around and through you . Immersed in holistic sound, your mind, body and spirit tune into a state of profound relaxation and spontaneous healing. Leave with greater clarity, inner peace, and a connection to your inner truth and joy! Bring whatever you need to be comfortable on the floor.


A gong bath is like a very deep and lasting massage that tunes the body and soul to align with vibration of the bronze gongs. Usually lying on your back, arms at your sides, you receive the resonance of these vibrational instruments to help wash away worries, concerns and blocks that separate you from your true nature – the sacred self. Immediate benefits of a gong bath may include deeper sleep, relief from chronic pain and stress, and an overall increase in your sense of well-being.


Gongmaster JOY is the sacred sound healing artist playing the Gongs of Joy! She played the gongs with The Resonant Voices of the Spheres for 6 years, and was a co-founding member of the original ensemble. Joy’s teacher, Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux, has been an inspiration and guide in helping her follow the Way of the Gong. Joy offers gong baths, private gong healing sessions, gong workshops, and other rituals in the southern New England area. She is also a psychotherapist, health and nutritional counselor, and spiritual guide, helping clients to release stress, develop better eating habits and food choices, and bring balance to mind, body and spirit!

Drumsinger A.MICHELLE is gifted with a rich voice and a multi-octave range. She channels Sacred Sound in harmony with Native American flutes, rattles and drums, to facilitate therapeutic soundings and guided meditations. Properly grounded and focused in love, these sacred sounds are highly transformational and can assist with raising one’s own energetic vibration. In the music business for 20+ years, A. Michelle co-founded Big Noise LLC, an international music production and artist development firm whose clients have included Christina Aguilera, Jim Brickman, and Brian Wilson.

A. Michelle has been co-creating drum circles and leading sound meditations since 2002. Combining sounds of gongs, singing bowls, drums and flutes, A. Michelle supports blissful harmonic attunement for body, mind, and spirit.

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