Good Morning Sunshine

June 15, 2024 - July 27, 2024
Rita Berkowitz

Every morning as the sun rises we are promised a new beginning.  A time to rethink who we are and what we would like to achieve in our lives.  It represents the Cycle of Life, like a daily reincarnation. Ancient people thought of the sun as the source of life.  The Mayan people thought the sunrise brings warmth into consciousness.  

I am blessed to live in Scituate, Massachusetts, on the marsh and see the most beautiful sunrises to welcome in the day.  No matter the weather, the sunrise gives us a feeling that it is all okay and we can go forward to be who we truly want to be.  

The poem, Paint Me a Sunrise, by Linda Harrison was read at a loved one’s memorial service and from that moment forward I have been embracing the sunrise not only as a memorial to her, but as a meditation to every day. We begin with the thoughts, How can I reinvent myself, to become the person who we really want to be, to decide who we are today and from this point forward.

— Rita Berkowitz

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