Hamilton de Holanda

In the legacy of such great mandolinists as Jacob do Bandolim, Joel Nascimento and Armandinho the young Hamilton de Holanda is considered as one of the greatest virtuosos of bandolim of all times. Born in Rio de Janeiro- 1976, he imposed himself very quickly revolutionizing the emblematic bandolim, and on which he developed a thorough polyphonic playing technique, as well as an enriched timbral and percussive palette. His interpretation is frenectic and very soulfull crossing all the boundaries of the genre, especially Latin or world music. His work is very much Brazilian, but in a comtemporary way. Benefited both from a stimulating musical ambience in his family and an in-depth academic training. Hamilton finishes his studies by composing a Concerto for orchestra and bandolim which he has performed with the Symphonique Orchestra of the National Theater and the Philharmonique Orchestra of Brazilia. His capacity for invention is endless and the sound he works out from his 10-string bandolim (he added a fifth double string a total of 10 vs. 8) is powerful and precise.

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