Julia Sweeney and Jill Sobule

JULY 10, 2013

Time: 1373486400

www.juliasweeney.com | www.jillsobule.com

Advance: $20.00
Day of Show: $23.00

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She’s come a long way from playing ‘Pat’ on SNL. Today Julia Sweeny is best known for sparse but hilarious television appearances, her dramatic monologues about topics like atheism and surviving cancer and, now, her career as a traveling musician with friend Jill Sobule (‘I Kissed a Girl’). The Jill and Julia Show features acoustic folk guitar and singing from Jill and finely crafted stories and some occasional singing from Julia. The result is a surprising mix of politics, controversy, personal stories and sidesplitting humor. ‘Next time you have the opportunity to watch these two in action, do yourself a favor and check it out. It\’s some kind of miracle.’ -SpinningPlatters.com, SF Bay area