Listen to your ART

May 14, 2022 - June 4, 2022
Student Artists

Closing Reception June 4th 11am to 1pm – Refreshments will be served.

Listen to Your ART is the personification of a vision of Wendy Garf-Lipp, Executive Director of the United Neighbors of Fall River, brought to you in collaboration with the Narrows Center for the Arts. As a community we are thriving despite the pandemic which has colored our world with surprising results. Ms Garf-Lipp strived to challenge the paradigm of listlessness and solitude by bringing students (young artists) together, albeit virtually, to feel seen and to share their colors and ideas. This community project has met its goal to provide Art exploration to middle school students in six of our Fall River District schools. 

Fifteen Artists from Henry Lord Community, Mary L. Fonseca Elementary, Samuel Watson Elementary, John J. Doran Elementary, Talbot Innovation and the Alfred S. Letourneau Schools were invited to commit to pause during this pandemic, to take time to reflect on their feelings, to get inspiration from the great masters of Art before them and to learn new techniques. Students were provided an Art kit filled with materials and possibilities. The unique pieces created as a result stem from the promptings of Ana Arsenio, Jennifer Gelinas and Marianne Le Guyader, local artists who shared their Art, encouraging participants to Listen to Your ART.

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