Lyrical Resolutions

January 10, 2015 - February 17, 2015
Reception: June 15, 2024 at -62169984000

New Year’s Resolutions inspire change and growth. The Narrows Gallery presents an experimental exhibition, one that will change and grow during the weeks it is on view. ‘Lyrical Resolutions’ applauds song lyrics that resonate and inspire. The exhibition is an opportunity for you to add a famous or infamous quote or make note of your personal words of wisdom. We are inviting you to participate in adding your thoughts, your ideas, your wishes, your plans to make our world a better place. Whether they describe global dreams on a world scale or small gestures of kindness, your words can motivate, initiate and inspire change. Wikipedia states, ‘An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts, and/or demonstrating an art.’ You are one of many participating artists in our experimental exhibition. The canvas is the Narrows Gallery walls. The palette is the endless color of your words. The exhibit is the shared experience of thought, appreciation and inspiration. If you’ve been moved by the actions of someone, by words heard or read, or by listening to the lyrics of a song, pass it on. The experiment is to bring about a shared community of thoughts and resolutions to brighten the New Year.

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