Terry Adams, visionary, driving force, and ‘untamed genius of the keyboards’ for NRBQ since the band’s inception over four decades ago, is one of music’s true originals. Adams reignited the legendary Quartet with the addition of Scott Ligon on guitar & vocals, Conrad Choucroun on drums, and newest band member Casey McDonough on bass & vocals. The 2011 NRBQ studio album, Keep This Love Goin’ and the 2012 live CD We Travel the Spaceways show the NRBQ magic – great musicianship, emotion, fearlessness, and fun ‘ is intact. ‘Ability to groove like no other band on the planet,’ says ‘Fans will find spontaneity, humor, breadth, and musical know-how” says No Depression. ‘Music no one can make anymore.’ says the Detroit Metro-Times. And live? ”the current incarnation lived up to the legacy. They reclaimed not only the vast NRBQ catalog of songs and loose-as-a-goose sound, but also the band’s wildly unpredictable spirit on stage. Their willingness to step way out on a limb has always been one of NRBQ’s most endearing qualities, and in the contemporary world of pre-packaged, cookie-cutter pop stars, it’s sure great to have them back,’ said the Albany Times-Union. Added the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, ‘Meet the new Q, as fun as the old Q. NRBQ is still liable to play anything. Roaring rockabilly, transcendent pop-rock, roadhouse blues, avant jazz ‘ you name it, Adams claims it and reframes it. The new band is a revelation, capable of playing nearly the whole NRBQ catalog, which dates back to 1966.’

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