Path Tree Songwriter Showcase

Seth Richardson: What Seth describes as acoustic indie folk rock, his sound is both powerful and calming. ‘Hearing Seth play was like finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk,’ says Mark Nelson of the Maine Songwriter’s Association. Josie Crosby: Now a veteran of the Southern New England music scene, the Ohio River native possesses a singing ability that belies her effervescent and whimsical personality. Her songs delve into the emotional side of world and personal events, drawing the listener in with her ethereal and powerful vocal styling. Steven Bacon: ‘Steven has the quality I admire the most, originality. I always love it when I hear a song once and I know I like it. I see a bright future for this new songwriter.’ -Keith Sykes (co-writes with John Prine & recently recorded an album with John Prine and Iris Dement) Amanda Cavicchi Her voice is powerful and soulful. Her songs are well crafted delivered with passion. She’s one of those singers that can quite a noisy bar in note.

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