Presenting: Posters…

November 4, 2023 - December 30, 2023
Dave Kloc, Dan McCarthy, Bobby Rosenstock, Jay Ryan

Presenting: Posters… celebrates art print posters created by four talented contemporary artists. Screenprints, woodcut prints, letterpress prints and illustrations will be featured in this highly anticipated, fan favorite exhibition. Participants include Dave Kloc, Dan McCarthy, Bobby Rosenstock (JustAJar Design Press) and Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine).

Dave Kloc is home based in Los Angeles, CA. He illustrates posters for bands, comedians’ TV shows and the occasional hockey team. See his work at

Dan McCarthy is an artist based in Massachusetts who works predominantly in the medium of screen printing, pen and ink illustration and mixed media painting. He studied drawing and printmaking at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated in 1999 with a focus in screen printing. He has had solo shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Dan’s artwork often focuses on quiet landscapes with a subtle narrative and the cyclical nature between life and death. You can find him at

JustAJar Design Press (Sara & Bobby Rosenstock) is a family run letterpress and design studio based in Marietta, Ohio. They specialize in custom woodcut posters. All of their work is made from hand carved woodcuts and printed on their antique printing presses. Visit them at

Jay Ryan has been making screen-prints in and around Chicago since 1995, many of which are concert posters for bands you’ve not heard of. Known for his depictions of gravitationally-challenged furniture and concerned mammals, as well as his hand-drawn letterforms, Jay travels the country to lecture and teach screenprinting at universities and professional groups. He started his own screen-print shop, called The Bird Machine, in 1999. Jay’s favorite print work has been collected in three volumes published by Akashic Books. See his work at

Image Gallery

  1. Dan McCarthy: “Reflections”
  2. Bobby Rosenstock: “Snakes”
  3. Jay Ryan: “Up All Night”
  4. Dave Kloc: “Whales”