Raul Malo of the Mavericks

Clearly, followers of Malo???¨?«s eclectic career ???¨?« both with the Mavericks and after ???¨?« know he???¨?«s always chafed at placing any confines on music. Or, as he laughingly confesses, ???¨?«If most people do what I???¨?«ve done in my career, they???¨?«d be driving a taxi by now.???¨?« However, a talent as mighty as Malo???¨?«s simply can???¨?«t be denied. His glorious voice has been rapturously described by The New York Times as ???¨?«exceptional???¨?« and The Wall Street Journal as ???¨?«exquisite.???¨?« Its crystal purity is simply unmatched by any other singer???¨?«s today.

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