Wicked Blue pays tribute to the purest American art form, Rhythm & Blues music. Featuring Cidalia America (lead vox), Lisa Jacobs (vox, keyboards), Crissy Azzinaro (guitar), Greg Michalowski (drums, vox) and Jonathan Jacobs (bass), the band offer their take on essential blues influences across multiple genres. Wicked Blue puts their unique musical stamp on a deep pool of classic R&B, rock, pop, folk and country songs.

Cid’s voice has been described as a blend of Susan Tedeschi and Bonnie Raitt, adding her own unique flavor while staying grounded in the iconic styling of classic blues singers. Wicked Blue thrives on soulfully woven vocal harmonies, blended with gutsy rhythm and warm, analog guitar tones of the electric and acoustic variety.

The band is backed by the foundation of their rhythm section firmly grounded in classic rock and R&B. Together, Wicked Blue compliment the traditional blues scene with a unique voice and style all their own.

This special show is being presented by Rawkstars, Inc., a Massachusetts based nonprofit founded in 2003.

Rawkstars provides free instruments, lessons and music education programs for kids. They is run by an all volunteer board dedicated to teaching local kids life skills through participation in music.

Proceeds from the event will go directly to helping students and families in our own backyard achieve their dreams through music.