Re-surfaced for a New Look

September 28, 2024 - November 9, 2024

I love listening to the story as it develops when I am drawing an idea, making material choices, and feeling the connection between the lines and the motion as an image is carved out of wood or linoleum. The final gesture of the ink transferring from the printing plate to paper brings me the joy and revelation that keep me working in the creative arts.

Most recently in a desire to downsize I looked at the pieces of wood and linoleum that I have stored. Holding on to them has allowed me to recognize my attachment to the image they hold and the prints that were produced. I realized that the carving was indeed asking for another life beyond storage.

In 2019 I began to take classes in painting, which inspired me to revisit my carved images with a new eye. Most recently I pulled out many of my old woodcuts and started painting the carved images. I am finding that re-surfacing the pieces with bright colors gives them new life and tells a new story. I am able to paint a three dimensional life into the images and watch them pop out into the world. I am learning new techniques as an artist and enjoy how the old woodcuts are dressed up for another outing.

The art displayed in this show is a combination of the old – (some prints from wood cuts printed on paper and or cloth), and the new – (a collection of woodcuts that have been painted in 2023 – 2024).

— Jules

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