Remedy: How We Heal

June 10, 2023 - July 14, 2023
Stacey Piwinski, Kristen Palana and Bill Porter

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 1 from 1-3 pm

During challenging times, the human need to create and therefore heal through the process of making is a strong force that connects three interdisciplinary teaching artists. In turn, the work they produce then exudes healing qualities to others, their viewers, their students, and their communities.

The Narrows Center proudly presents artists Kristen Palana, Stacey Piwinski, and Bill Porter in the three-person gallery exhibition Remedy: How We Heal. The show will run from June 10 through July 14, 2023.

Kristen Palana is originally from Swansea, MA, and is now based in Malawi, Southern Africa. After decades as a digital artist and full-time digital media professor, she has connected back to her fine art roots. These days, her drawings and paintings are inspired by creative visualizations and the lofty mission statements and development goals used by the world’s top organizations. They can be used to imagine better outcomes for our lives, individually and collectively. For Kristen, the drawing process is a form of meditation that enables her to tap into a higher level of consciousness and rich artistic traditions that are thousands of years old.

Stacey Piwinski is based in the Boston area with her studio in Waltham, MA. Her current work is primarily fibers whether woven, felted, hooked or sewn. These slow, labor-intensive processes evoke meditative and healing experiences. She uses textiles and found objects to create intricate works that consider the passage of time, the tactility of the material, interpersonal relationships, and safety concerns. Through material and personal explorations of memory, she weaves together meaning to tell new stories. She often works collectively with others when creating large pieces and this process is often healing to those involved in the work.

Bill Porter is based in Littleton, MA. His work engages with narratives from childhood and his father’s influence, which serves as a catalyst for reflection and healing. Growing up as a son of a painting contractor informed Bill’s decision to work with house paint, wood shingles, and reclaimed wood housing materials to form and inform the work’s creation. He employs images from childhood influences like cartoons, comics, Sunday School coloring pages, and elements of nature. As an artist and educator who is (legally) blind, Bill uses his art practice as a form of therapeutic healing as well as a platform for advocacy.

Kristen Palana @kristen.palana_arts

Stacey Piwinski @piwinski

Bill Porter @billaporter

(Image 2) Stacey Piwinski: Self Portrait

(Image 3) Bill A. Porter: Downpour

(Image 4) Kristen Palana: The Way. Gaia Protection Meditation


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