Richie Havens: Patron saint of the Narrows

In 2003, Richie Havens was the first act to sell out at the Narrows. It was Narrows’ founder Bert Harlow’s idea to bring the man of peace and love to our venue. It was a big risk for us back then but it paid off in spades.  He put us on the map as a legitimate venue. He played the Narrows 5 more times and we hosted two different art shows of Richie’s work. Richie’s concerts were magical, he poured every ounce of life into his shows. He even bought the fountain that stood in our gallery for over two years. Richie cared about everyone he met. He tried to make the world a better place and he succeeded big time. We love you Richie, you will be missed but your music and soul will live forever. Here is a great video of Richie doing Dylan’s License to Kill