Savoy Brown 5/13/17

Savoy Brown is hitting new heights after 50 continuous years of touring and more than 5,000 concerts from Albert Hall to the Fillmore East and West and back at Vegetable Buddies!  As one of the architects of the British Blues Movement, leader Kim Simmonds never takes anything for granted.  “Savoy Brown is a very musical band,” Simmonds says.   “We’re not comparing ourselves to others.   We appeal to an audience who wants to hear what we are up to now, what we are rehearsing, creating as a band.  Of course we’ll play the classics as well.”  Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown have been Inducted into the Hollywood Rock Hall of Fame and the New York Blues Hall of Fame.  While the band has had many members over the years (alumni went on to play with Fleetwood Mac, Robert Cray, Black Sabaath, Humble Pie, The Kinks and many other illustrious groups, the current lineup – bassist Pat DeSalvo and drummer Garnet Grimm have been in the band since 2009 – and many say it is the strongest lineup in history – “Savoy Brown are at their best.” – Music (UK)

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