Sierra Hull 4/20/16

This is where a preternatural talent becomes a natural woman. This is Sierra Hull’s Weighted Mind. It is nothing like what we thought it would be. It is nothing like what we’ve heard before, from anyone. It is singular and emphatic, harmonious and dissonant. It is the realization of promise, and the affirmation of individuality. It is born of difficulty and indecision, yet it rings with ease, decisiveness, and beauty. ‘She plays the mandolin with a degree of refined elegance and freedom that few have achieved,’ says Bela Fleck, the genre-leaping banjo master who produced Weighted Mind. ‘And now her vocals and songwriting have matured to the level of her virtuosity.’ Alison Krauss, who has won more Grammy awards than any female artist in history, says of Hull, ‘I think she’s endless. I don’t see any boundaries. Talent like hers is so rare, and I don’t think it stops. It’s round.’

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