Teens Putting Fall River on the Map

September 7, 2019 - October 4, 2019

Two thematic maps and a collection of photojournalistic images of Fall River are the culmination of the inaugural summer program for the youth-driven arts nonprofit YEAH! (Youth Experiencing Artistic Hope) whose studio is part of the Narrows Arts Community.

In order to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of their community, YEAH’s youth artists engaged in arts-based research, collaboratively producing two distinct maps that highlight the unique identity of Fall River.  Each of these projects involved, among other things, critical discussions to determine how they would be artistically rendered, and explorations of various parts of the city, bringing the youth into contact with various members of the community.

These maps and photographs are meant to serve as a visual reminder of who we are as a community in order to inspire us as we move forward together.

These works were produced by the following people:

Youth Artists:

Trista Gomes  (Durfee High School)

Savana Kilby  (Diman High School)

Phoenix Leite  (Durfee High School)

Isaiah Raines  (Durfee High School)

Brianna Sineiro  (Diman High School)


Artist Mentors:

Emma Friedlander (UMass Amherst)

Jessica Lawrence  (Umass Dartmouth)